1.  All of our coffees are roasted daily.

2.  All our coffees come in 16 oz (1 lb) bags.

3.  The price is $15.95 per lb/bag of coffee plus P&S (Packing & Shipping) and tax (if applicable) .

4.  Our Decaf is $15.95 per lb/bag and costs us a little more due to the chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeinating “washing” process.  But no extra cost passed on!

5.  Combine your order with friends orders & save on shipping costs per bag,  4 bags/lbs cost the same to ship as 1 bag/lb!

6.  All packages are shipped via USPS or UPS within 48 business hours of placing your order except… (see #7)

7.  Orders placed late on Friday, Saturdays & Sundays will be processed on the following Monday or Tuesday.

8.  The P&S (Packing & Shipping) cost is $3.95 for each order of 1 to 4 bags/lbs.

9.  The P&S (Packing & Shipping) cost for each additional order of 1 to 4 bags/lbs is $3.95.

10.  Bulk orders of 50 bags/lbs or more receive a $1 per lb discount plus free shipping!  Or maybe more!  Call for a deal.

11.  Store your coffee in its original package in a zip-lock type bag, in a non-refrigerated, cool, dry place.

12.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you’re not totally satisfied see our Guarantee page.



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