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The Mission

“Wake up!, America, and smell the coffee!”.  We’re here to create humor through satire in today’s political world, while hopefully provoking some thought to remind us it’s “We the People” and not “We the Government” and about public “service” and not public “career”.  We are about stewardship of the earth starting right here in America.  Selling the very best coffee while at the same time giving back.

Our Statement

So… here we are!  We’re goin’ after everybody!

From the poor training, operation and lack of rules of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), like most of our government agencies that need to stay out of our business, to the media who like to twist information about events to fit their agenda, or federal and local governments who seem to have lost their memory as to the purpose of the job they were elected or hired to do, we’re going to make a statement about it.  Nobody’s safe from!

Dan-O, President
Political Grounds Coffee, Inc.

Our Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm pst
Closed Saturday & Sunday

By Snail Mail:
Political Grounds Coffee, Inc.
PO Box 935
Milton, WA  98354-9000

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1.  All of our coffees are roasted daily.

2.  All our coffees come in 16 oz (1 lb) bags.

3.  The price is $15.95 per lb/bag of coffee plus P&S (Packing & Shipping) and tax (if applicable) .

4.  Our Decaf is $15.95 per lb/bag and costs us a little more due to the chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeinating “washing” process.  But no extra cost passed on!

5.  Combine your order with friends orders & save on shipping costs per bag,  4 bags/lbs cost the same to ship as 1 bag/lb!

6.  All packages are shipped via USPS or UPS within 48 business hours of placing your order except… (see #7)

7.  Orders placed late on Friday, Saturdays & Sundays will be processed on the following Monday or Tuesday.

8.  The P&S (Packing & Shipping) cost is $3.95 for each order of 1 to 4 bags/lbs.

9.  The P&S (Packing & Shipping) cost for each additional order of 1 to 4 bags/lbs is $3.95.

10.  Bulk orders of 50 bags/lbs or more receive a $1 per lb discount plus free shipping!  Or maybe more!  Call for a deal.

11.  Store your coffee in its original package in a zip-lock type bag, in a non-refrigerated, cool, dry place.

12.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you’re not totally satisfied see our Guarantee page.


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