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4 coffees to fit your taste
Too early to be funny?  Just need coffee?  Just order below.
USDA Certified Organic, Shade-grown for less acidity!
These will come with the same labels as the Coffee by Satire.

Dark Roast                                                  “Balancing ‘Act

For the coffee lover who wants an Espresso roast, heavy on the coffee flavor, but
still likes 
to enjoy the subtleties that come from the roasting process.  Our dark
roast balances the nuances of each coffee bean 
with a very slight “smoky” tone.
Without the bitter after-taste!

$15.95/lb – How would you like yours?

Medium Roast                           “TSA – Totally Stupid A…

Our medium roast is carefully monitored.  We roast these beans to perfection to
accomplish an amazingly smooth, full bodied, crema-rich coffee a little lighter
than our dark roast.  We never use cheaper “filler” beans that are commonly found
in most blends.  Still no bitter after-taste!

$15.95/lb – How would you like yours?

Medium-Light Blend                   “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Our medium-light coffee bean blend is roasted to a perfect, light and tasty smooth
rich level that brings the roasted flavors of the coffee out to the forefront.  We
carefully roast each batch to ensure the fullness of a great roast without burning
the natural flavors out of the bean completely.  And, again, no bitter after-taste!

$15.95/lb – How would you like yours?

Decaf Medium                    “Reporting the Evening Blues

So smooth!  This has about the same flavor of our medium roast just decaffeinated!
Our medium roasted Swiss Water Processed Decaf coffee is, at least, 99.6% caffeine
free. In a world of chemically 
decaffeinated coffees, it’s refreshing to enjoy a pure,
decaf that tastes absolutely great!  This costs us a little more due to the non-chemical,
Swiss Water process. But there is no up-charge to you! No bitter after-taste here either!

$15.95/lb – How would you like yours?

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